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Database architecture, planning, development and administration



Development of ASP.NET websites in all flavours

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Any development you need in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

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Good synergy leads to positive innovation


We offer practical solutions to real life challenges
Pro-active means you solve problems before they become real problems.

Our needs are constantly changing and it is no wonder that sooner or later we hit that bottleneck that prevents us to grow
Good architecture prevents bottlenecks down the road. But in reality, you have a system to take you only so-far. Once you get near there, it is time to move up to the next level.
We can design new solutions or find work-arounds, to get your business past the current obstacle.

Our Team

We is "I" as in small, but together we will do great things

Leo Muller

Chief Technology Officer
With a wide range of experience in development, information system design. Provide creative and smart solutions for your needs.

Feel free to talk to us - we'd love to hear your ideas, questions and will guide you in the right direction

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