First impression of WordPress on IIS

I was looking where to put my WordPress site. I am very familiar with  Microsoft technologies, Windows Server, IIS, MSSQL and so on, but I found out that WordPress runs best on Linux with Apache. So I installed my Linux box, virtual and in the cloud, but it is quite some getting used to. Plus having to maintain and pay for an extra server adds extra work and costs. In the end I thought, what the heck, let me try to run this on IIS.

Easy things first: MySQL is a breeze to install, it just seems to work. Opposed to MsSql, the security seems a bit lacking, maybe I still have to learn. There doesn’t seem to be a way to limit a user’s access to a certain database and give appropriate permission to do just what is needed, so full access was the solution.

Installing PHP was a bit harder, I used the Web Platform Installer from within IIS, but it got stuck, after 3 hours I decided to cancel, that got stuck as well, leaving me a bit in limbo. According to the log files it was installed, so hard reboot, and everything seemed to work.

WordPress itself is not really necessary to install, it is just a folder with many files you dump in your website. At least that is what I did. Locally I developed with WAMP server, and it after copying it over, editing a config file for the database connection it seemed to work. Data export and import in MySQL is a breeze. Unfortunately the dev environment had some localhost links in the content, and I didn’t find a good way to publish that to my server, so a lot of manual fixing there.

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