Moving from Azure to AWS

I used Azure for about two years, and it worked. But business changed, and I had to find a way to cut that  $200 per month costs. Not much for a business, but too much for my private expenses. So in Azure I had run into quite a few problems with load balancing, running a tight ship it was very difficult to find a solution to use many different IP’s on the same server. I got this solved in the end with a lot of scripting and help from some good guys at Microsoft. Besides that the main problem in Azure is that it still is a mishmash between the classic and new deployment modes, which means that there are two versions of Azure cloud, which work differently, and don’t always work together well.

I used a Windows 2012 Server with IIS, and used an Azure MsSQL database. It is easy to scale this on Azure.

On AWS, I went for a t2.medium server. Windows 2016 with IIS (at long last you can now run multiple SSL’s on the same IP), and SQL Express, and later also PHP, WordPress and MySQL. Most of my applications are ASP.NET MVC and Classic with C#. I wasn’t quite sure if my setup needed more hardware, but so far it is working beautifully.

I have worked with AWS for many years now, and their interface is easy to use, clear and just works. Getting into EC2 setting up your virtual network is a bit cumbersome, but the ease of S3 and CloudFront makes up for that.

A few problems I ran into:

  1. If you want to change the server type on EC2, you will have to stop it before it gives you that option. In Azure you can do this on the fly.
  2. If you want to access SQL Express by it’s IP address, you will have to enable TCP and remove a default dynamic ports setting somewhere hidden in some advanced property window.

That’s it really, time for a nice weekend without a computer.

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