Gaming – Fortnite Battle Royale

This game is quick and to the point. Eliminate all your opponents and win the game.

100 people start on a fixed map, and you have to find weapons, ammo and materials. The ‘safe’ zone will get smaller and smaller, making sure the game never lasts long. Outside the safe zone you will quickly die. The key to success is to stay on the move. Finding good weapons will help a lot, but make sure to find enough ammo as well. You can find a few bandages and shields to heal or protect you.

Is this suitable for kids? They love it! It is free. It is quick and to the point.

Free: You can buy the coins, but you don’t need it for the game. It just gives visual additions to look and be cool.

Quick: Games never last long, even if you win.

Violence: It is a first-person shooter, walking around killing everyone, so no, if you don’t like that this is not for you.

Building: It has a gather materials and buildĀ element in it, which makes you learn to build fast.

The game works very nicely on all our PC’s, even the bit older ones, but they have a fair graphics card. The settings can be adapted to lower the quality to work with YOUR PC.

You can also play on the ipad and iphone, a bit harder, but doable.

How to get started as an adult?

Get the game to work, the install can be slow, the update even slower. There is a fix somewhere if the updates take hours, I tried and it works.

The game itself: First few times you probably will die quickly. Start off by going to a bit more isolated places. Practice building so you can shield quickly. Also get used to changing weapons and learn to aim. To avoid being killed keep moving and jumping. Key is to come down before you opponents, which you do by going down first and then glide the last part horizontally. That works better than to dive straight at your target, as the last parachute part will go slower.

Another good way to play is to join a squad, meaning you will play with 4 players as a team.



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  • To make the updates faster:
    Edit ‘C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Config\Windows\Engine.ini’
    (AppData is Hidden)

    Code to insert:-


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