Problem solving

Both in our professional and personal lifes we encounter problems.

Here is a guide to effectively deal with problems in a few easy steps.

Acknowledge the problem.

If you are in denial about a problem, if you don’t think the problem is a problem at all, it will be difficult to solve. We often start in denial, and sometimes the problem really isn’t a problem .

Define the problem.

Try to find the boundaries of the problem. Where does it start, where does it end. When does it happen.

Recreate the problem (professional problems only)

Once we can recreate the problem, we can test our solutions.

Don’t get bugged down on why

Sometimes problems happen, mistakes, configurations, communication, there are many reasons. But it is not always worth spending too much time on the “Why” and “How can we make sure this will never happen again”, rather focus on a way to solve problems now and in the future, because problems in many varieties will keep coming up.

Solve the cause, not the symptoms.

Sometimes solving the symptoms is enough (out of hard drive space), but often we have to use this stage not to find the solution, but to solve the underlying cause for the problem.


That’s it, just remember this is an ever ongoing process.


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