Importing a drone to Israel

Every self-respecting man over 40 wants a drone.

So, I went to found the drone of my dreams and wanted to order it.

Oh-0h, this items does not ship to Israel.

No problem, I go to Ushops, send in to New Jersey, and they will send it on.

Oh-oh, a drone needs permits to import (get through customs). Both from Misrad Tikshoret (Ministry of communications), and Reshut Teufa Ezrachit (Civil Aviation Authority). Asking for the permits is free, but some headache ahead.

For communications, they are worried about the frequencies. The form is here: .

In Section 1, ask for a special permit, In Section 3, under item type choose “drone” (Rachfan), it is there hidden at the bottom of the list. In section 4 you need to upload the tech specs, so try to find user manual online. There is also a section which I could not understand and answer, so I uploaded a PDF saying I don’t understand what it means.

As a note, they allow only 2.4 Mhz. As of today, even video on 5 Ghz is not allowed.

For Aviation Permit, this was actually easily approved. The form is here: (okay, that was the page before, but you need it) The main point is they want to make sure you read the rules they have, which are simple make sense. So you will have to print these and sign them, and send as a pdf (use pdf printer). In section 3, under type, choose “katbam mitachat 30 kg” (kli tisa bilti me’uyash under 30 kg.) Prat Meches for this is 8802203000/6.

After you fill in the forms, they will either get approved or not. I got my approval in less than 12 hours.

My MJX would net get approved because the 5Ghz frequency, but the DJI drones will, since they will disable that frequency when they are in Israel.



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